Day 219 More wood framing
We were feeling a bit lazy so not a lot got done today. I put in another wood frame on the starboard side dining area. It's pretty time consuming but seemed the perfect thing to be doing as it was cold and windy outside.

Gena welded in some tabs for a shelf ( made of net really!) that will be used for sails, allowing them to stack higher. This will also stiffen up the bulkhead a bit, maybe reducing the "gong" sound it has now.
The sail locker is a pretty small place, and the origional design called for this area to be a 2nd head. With the amount of sails we'll be carrying, having them even further forward would have been impossible. Even with 3 sails up, the genoa, inner foresail, and the main, there would still have to be room for the try sail, storm jib, spinaker, and storm sail. Not to mention sheets and extra halyards. They're big and bulky!

Day 219:
4 hours - went around welding this and that, put in more wood framing.

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