Day 214 Finished steps/anchor roller etc

Gena finished off the steps and pulled in the final adjustment to the bulwark that I left sticking out quite some time ago. It was also one of those "get a round tuit" jobs that never seems as important as other stuff!
After everything was done, I breathed a sigh of relief anyway. Gotta get them steps primed up, they're very slippery like this.
Below is "Gena's" windvane auto pilot. "We already have an electric/hydraulic autopilot!" I exclaimed, but obviously it's not enough. I'm a bit of a dreamer ( I guess ) if I think that will steer the boat during endless days of heavy weather without killing the battery or requiring constant tweaking.

She's right, we do need a windvane. I hated the thing before it arrived. Now I really hate it now I have seen how big and cumbersome it is. It has totally ruined my "ladder down the middle of the transom" vision. And the vane part, separate from the rudder part is huge too. It'll use up space under the radar arch terribly. This may be the reason why a true blue water cruiser looks a little cluttered compared to a coastal hopper. The gear must be big and strong, and plenty.

I guess I'll have to get used to the monster sticking out the back and ruining what I perceive to be a good looking transom. Hell, maybe after a long hard day of fighting with the wheel, I'll even welcome it. We'll see.

Here is one roller unit tacked together for fitting. Sure looks pretty! I mean for it to stay that way during and after welding. Below it can be seen the fit is perfect.
Care must be taken to stop any warpage or bending during welding. My method is to weld and counter weld each side while measuring the movement, tapping if needed. Clamping it onto a chunk of wood won't work because the inside needs welding for strength, and the wood would be in the way. We tryed that before, it almost was a disaster.
Anyway, Gena has stripped down the auto pilot rudder assembly and removed the many layers of paint and anti-fouling in preparation for refinishing. Probably with a gelcoat.

It's quite a unit and works independently of the boat rudder. Ours is the type that can't be attached to because it's hydraulic, and it's way under the boat.

There is one other style that would have worked, the type you attach to the wheel. Niether of us liked the idea of running lines all over the cockpit.

  Pretty hey? The bar is just temporary of course!

Day 214:
5 hours - Finished smoothing mushroom vents, placed anchor roller into carrier, welded. Finished steps, bulwark.

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