Day 213 Mushroom vents
The mushroom vents are going in as we finally recieved them from Vetus. They didn't really take to long to arrive, but it seems a long time when one is waiting for them!
These aren't right somehow!

The mystery coffee can

Nicely finished
Unfortunately, someone messed up and the wrong ones were shipped. The ones we recieved were 6", substancially smaller than what we had ordered and payed for!

One disadvantage about ordering from another country is the cost of returning items, not to mention the time it takes, thus delaying their installation further.

Apon sending this photo ( left ) to Vetus, they happily gave us a partial refund, the difference between the cost of these, and the cost of the larger ones.

We think these will be sufficient as some will have flip down fans on them thus increasing airflow. (My invention) Brushless fans consume amazingly small amounts of amperage, and won't tax the batteries much at all.

The solar driven variety are a really cool idea, but we didn't like the looks of them strength-wise, and they are prohibitively expensive. Especially when multiplied by 6 or 8 times!

These mushrooms are a fairly heavy gauge stainless, something we were concerned about as welding them on was preferable, and pretty sturdy.

When they are tightened down, they seal well via a rubber gasket in the lid.

Special care was taken while spattering welds all around it. Especially to protect the sealing lip area. The same coffee tin used to mark the circle for the cutout was used to protect the vents. It was in pretty bad shape after the 6th one haha!
The coffee tin was an odd size that we looked for while shopping, only to be disappointed with the regular large sized ones.

Gena was working on the steps on the starboard side, grinding welding and smoothing. This has been put off for the better part of a year for some reason. Looks great now!
To the right is the "roller" part of the anchor roller assembly. This is to be put together and mounted for the big test!


All in all, we are pretty happy with the vents. These are for the forward cabins and the pilot house. The aft stateroom will have bigger ones, really nice lookin' too! But that's another day...

Day 213:
6 hours - installed 6 mushroom vents, primed pilothouse bulkhead, finished up SB steps

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