Day 211
Installing bowroller carriers
Finally the day to put on the bow roller assembly has arrived!  
We had to be a little innovative on how to finish the area. We hadn't given it much thought.  
What to do with the bow stem? How do we hide it and make it look good? At first we were going to put in a piece of plate cut to fit between the to anchor roller carriers. This suddenly wasn't feasable as there would be no way that Gena would get the welding tip in close enough to weld it on to the sides of the carriers!

The solution was to use a curved piece of plate that would come in at the points of cut-out, that would be welded on to the carriers. Luckily, we have some of our old lead melting pot ( home-made by someone, 8" x 1/8" pipe ) that we've been widdeling away left!

Blog: This has also been a visualization for our mast material, both size and thickness are correct...
The piece I cut out fit beautifully into the nook as can be seen to the left. Still lots of space for welding, no sharp edges for painting, easy to grind because it's round like the grinder blade, and kinda cool because it's different!

Gena was getting on about the time so I had to quickly make up a template for the top triangle, accurate so it wouldn't take a lot of time to weld and smooth out.

I used a piece of lexan, traced through and cut with tin-snips, then plazzed out the steel bit from that. 10 minutes. (Below)

Gena happily grinds the final finishing before putting in
the anchor roller carriers.
In they go! The masking tape is on, although difficult to see.
Aaaah! The finished product! The angles look a bit odd don't they? If we'd have positioned the windlass off to one side, they would have been straight, but then the windlass would have been off center and would've looked funny.

One advantage to this setup is that one roller assmble will stick out more than the other, thus allowing an overlap of anchors in certain cases. The roller asseemblies will go in next, then the big test!!

Blog: Our little doggy Poutine had to go in for surgery again. Same thing as 2 years earlier, but the cost doubled.
This brings to thought the idea of having pets on a boat while cruising. He is going to be around for a long time our little guy, and will definately be coming along with us when we go. Certain countries are pretty slack about dogs coming ashore, where others are down right rude! Our neighbors have decided to spend a few months down in South America and had to jump through endless hoops and paperwork ( and big $$$ ! ) to prepare their dog for entry. They even had to return to get him after a couple of weeks, then go back down.

This is something we are going to have to think hard on as once we are away, we may not be financially able to pay out thousands for his surgery, let alone the fees associated with bringing him into other countries. There may be times where he ( and we ) may be better off leaving him with family and/or friends when we're in certain parts of the world. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Day 211:
9 hours - put in bow roller carriers, ground smooth pilot house hatch welds etc

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