Day 21 Putting in last stringer and splitting Keel pipe
Although today was short, (had to work until 2) a lot was accomplished. We cut and ground the slots for the final stringer, the center radius. Then joined the flatbar to make 40' both sides, and put them in place. Faired them up 1/8" and tacked them on. That took only 2 hours. Then we decided to use the 4" pipe for the keel edge instead of a smaller size as it would save a lot of work during plating and seems to be "a good idea at the time". After using a short test piece, and placing it across the webs, took the 8' piece and split it with the plasma cutter. (pic above)
<< Radius stringer at stem
cut off to butt to stem

Same stringers after being
tacked on to stem bar

I seem to be getting the knack of dealing with angle cuts, ( brag, brag, brag! ) as you can see above. The pic to the left shows my cuts this side of the white line freehand drawn by eye. The pic to the right shows how nicely they butted into the stem bar after being pulled in and tacked. Wow!! I hope that keeps up for next summer ;o)

Here we are test fitting the split pipe
over the forward part of the keel
With the split pipe we'll have to be careful as that is part of the finished hull exterior. It seemed to fall into place quite well and the angle we split at will flow into the keel plate nicely. ( Part of the reason we decided to use that size.)
I'll have more close up pics of that on day 22.

Day 21:
4 hours: Cut slots for center-rad stringers, put on stringers and butt in to stem. Split 4' keel pipe.

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