Day 208 Anchor roller design
At first I saw Genas idea of making a mock anchor roller as a waste of time, that my skills as a designer were honed to the point that there would be no need. I was wrong!

Again, I'm glad we put everything into position to set up for designing the actual stainless carrier and pivot.

Once the carrier and pivot were in place. We threw on the cheap rollers, hooked up the windlass, and drew the anchor aboard.

Still, fine measurements had to be made in order to:

1) Seat the anchor properly and be adjustable

2) Make it look good!

3) Not let it be too heavy, trim excess that won't affect the strength of the whole thing.

4) Satisfy Gena!

The 110lb Bruce sits nicely in place but still could come in a bit closer

The cutouts in SS are different on inner and outer sides. Note in the large photo below that the inside pieces are cut away to allow for the bowshape to continue.

The plate for the sides is about 5/16" and the bottom will be 1/2"

The pivots are rounded for maximum area and strength, cut away along the pivot area, and squared forward and top.

The entry point will have an angled tongue on each side so that edge needs to be flat.

The top will have a "bootstrap" for the anchor welded on. Origionally we were going to make a true bootstrap but have decided to go with a solid bridge and adjustable shoe.
This way the whole thing will be stronger. It does, after all, take the full force of the boats side motion.

Gena did lots of grinding on the front of the cabin, which had never been done, and along the deck where needed, smoothed welds flat.

Good! I was hoping I wouldn't have to do it! ( Just kidding Gena! Nice job girlie!)

During the previous week at work when it was slow, I smoothed the hatch lids for the aft and 4 forward hatches.

I think they will look pretty nice on the boat! They will be protected with tape while the hinges are being welded on.

One thing I must say about the anchor roller assembly thus far....tricky.
Our friend Yohann ( did I mispell that? ) came out with his lady friend to have a look. We felt pretty good when he stated that he is impressed with our work, as he is somewhat of a connaiseur of fine yaughterie from South Africa, and has some experience with boats in general.

It was a really amazingly beautiful day and we were out for a long time, myself until 10PM preparing the little boat for her ( perhaps) last voyage on to the lake. Boarding up holes in the deck, and seats, tightening the rigging, and checking for holes below the water line, etc.


Day 208:
9 hours - Designed and cut out anchor roller assemblies, smoothed cabin top starboard and deck fore.

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