Day 205 Pilothouse entry ++
One thing about the little camera I have been using ( besides the less than perfect imagery!) is that it has no flash. The rain has been falling hard and the sky has been dark enough to make it difficult to see inside the boat. Incandescent bulbs just aren't enough!
All the fittings for the sewage tank!

The sliderails

The sonar box
In the photo to the left, Gena was gathering up all the fittings for the sewage tank and generally cleaning everything up.

She did the final tacking of the cabintop frames to the plate in order to prepare for priming.

I spent pretty much the whole day installing the sliders for the gangway from the pilothouse into the galley area.



The tracks are made from stainless angle,and a piece of the frame across and it's "T" were preserved to attach the ceiling to.

This was a real nightmare and should have been simple, but I wanted to preserve as much of it as I could. The result was grind and test, grind and test.

Origionally the board was going to slide out into the pilothouse aft and be stored in a handy place but Gena read on several occasions that people tend to either forget where the boards are during a crisis, or end up using it for a cutting board or picture frame.



Sliding into the ceiling was a reasonable alternative. This, of course would only ever be used in the event of the front window getting knocked out.

I didn't "actually" get the board to fit well. It came up too tight. I'll try again tomorrow!

(Gena offered to help, yay! What would I do without her!)
Another view of sliders
The rain is somewhat hampering our efforts and dampening our spirits, even though we are inside. Things brought in need to be dryed off.

Another important reason the interior must be kept dry at sea, a psychological one.

We were impressed with our work all the same!

Day 205:
6 hours - installed board slider assembly into pilothouse dashboard and final welded cockpit roof frames, brushed etc

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