Day 204
Cockpit smoothing & samson post
At last I decided to smooth off all the welds inside the cockpit area!  
Because we didn't have to much time today, knowing the weather was going to get bad, we limited our tasks to around 3 hours. Perfect for grinding the cockpit.

It was a tossup between the starboard steps and this.

The round corners sure feel comfortable against under the knees! It seems like the angle of the seatback is just right and so is the floor hieght!

Me grinding
Gena got me to plaz off the base of the big samson post to lower it's height and enable her to weld it directly on to the deck.

This is a very strong post that will be used for things like docklines, towing lines ( god forbid! ) and a spring line to the anchor chain.

It's a bit gawdy but will do the job well! Besides, Gena plans on polishing it all up pretty. :)

We will be making two smaller ones for aft I think.

Gena positioning the large samson post  

Well, off to town to get some more stainless and disks etc...


Day 204:
3 hours - Put in samson post and smoothed cockpit seat welds

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