Day 202
Anchor roller try
Above, a collage of the mock anchor roller reveals how much it has changed.  
The pivot had to be lowered as much as possible so the anchor wouldn't sit so high on it. It was also shortened by a couple of inches. Our main concern was that the anchor would sit out far enough to not interfere with the bow, or worse, chip the bow.

We tryed hand pulling up the anchor but couldn't quite get it over the first roller. Not enough horsepower hehe.

We will have to install the windlass to do any further testing. Gena was worried about the anchor coming up backwards but it will spin over as it begins to be pulled away from a vertical hang. ( I know it! )

The anchor is pretty big. This is a bruce. 110 lbs of heavy heavy heavy!

Gena also welded up the flange on the sensor box and made a lid to fit over the bolts protruding from it.

The inside will be coal tarred as well as out, providing a good seal against any condensation that may find it's way in.

If it weren't for expansion and contraction of air, condensation in a virtually sealed container wouldn't happen. Out of the side near the top protrudes a small section of pipe where the cables will come out. Even with sealant on inside with the cables, leaks will happen in my experience. Only compression of the seal is a certain barrier against air. Too much goofin around that! We'll just coat it with coal tar hehe.

The weather has been cooperating nicely, in fact a bit too nicely, + 30 degrees and much hotter inside the boat. Makes us realise the importance of vents in the cabintop etc.

Day 202:
6 hours - Worked out a good shape for the anchor roller, finished sonar sensor box.

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