Day 201 Handrails

Today was a good day to put on the handrails as we needed to go into town for supplies and they wouldn't take too much time to do.
Port side handrail in place
We purchased the mounts for the hand rails from Steveston marine in BC for a reasonable price...well worth the work it would have been to make them. Origionally we planned to stockpile handrails off of semi trucks in the wrecking yard, but it seems they are in high demand around here.

The handrail mount
The rails (1" pipe) were cheap though, from a local scrapyard that has crates of 20 foot lengths. The guage is too thin for a 4 foot spacing of the stancions, but the 2 foot spacing ( more or less ) of the handrails was very strong. I could stand on them and they wouldn't hardly even flex.

For a while, the cabin top really looks like a sailboat cabin top. Those rails made the boat look much more finished somehow! They will have to come off soon enough, but it's a real motivator!
In the dark, Gena sets up the box (no flash!)
Gena welded in the box above the sonar sensors. Unfortunately she was unable to weld the nuts on that I had tightened down the handrails to. Of course we had a real rain later in the evening and had to put cans and buckets under every hole as it leaked like a siv! These holes in the cabin and deck for bolts really concern us. A really good sealant will have to be used to ensure that no leaks will start.

Day 192: 6.5 hours - made the twister, put on starboard bulwark

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