Day 200 Mock anchor roller
After constructing the test anchor roller setup, the anchor can be winched up to see how it acts.
The width is somewhat large it seems (5") but because the plate thickness of the "carrier" and the pivot will total to over 1" and the average roller is 3 3/4" to 4" the width is justified.
To the right is the basic prototype shape. Notice the 45 degree drop. Several holes were punched to allow for positioning of the forward roller. We know that trial and error is a necessary way to accomplish a good anchor roller ( well...according to other more experienced sailors! ) but I just can't wait to get working on the stainless version!
The missing part on this mock up is the "bootstrap" over the top that holds the anchor in place, and lifts the pivot once the anchor is far enough in to do so. We have seen that this is mostly adjustable on other boats in photos. ( I emphasize "photos" as whenever we are out at the coast, we seem to forget to look at different anchor roller systems.)
  Gena finished up her sonar mount welding inside and out. The little flanges inside were also put on. Next is the box that will make everything above the waterline.

The bottom plate is smoothed perfectly flat to allow a good seal when the sensors are tightened in place. Hull paint will meet coal tar epoxy in these short pipes.

Origionally I thought Gena was nuts when she described how she was going to do this, but now it's all together I must admit that it's a good way to make a mount.

Bring on the deadheads!!!
Canada Day is apon us so ( yes once again! ) we had to hang up the grinders and get dressed up to go out and celebrate :)

Blog::: We joined Genas parents at a larger nearby lake for dinner and saw no fireworks at all. Mother nature provided a fantastic show as a strong thunderstorm moved in across the lake. The storm surge amid intense flashes of lighting was highly visible as it skipped towards us. I couldn't help but think of how exciting that would be to see while in the open ocean....or scarey..I'm not sure which!

Day 200 :
5.5 hours - Made up mock anchor roller / finished sensor mounts

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