Day 20 Pulling in and snaping at fore and aft
Today we faired in the stringers fore and aft. Origionally I wanted to continue the curves inward as it would have looked nicer, particularily at the bow. But it turned out to be impractical as they would have fell short near the bow, and curved in too much near aft. So we continued to divide them evenly, cutting them off near the bow when they came too close together. I still would have liked to continue those curves though. I love flowing curves! Oh well. Below is a panned view showing how we
corrected the stringers aft. The last frame (10) will have to be pinned down with sandbags because after pulling down the last 2 stringers, believe it or not, it lifted right off the strongback! We had previously made a scale model of the frame and it did the same thing. I figured the sheer size and weight of the steel would hold it down....guess not! :O)
We finally filed the slot templates out to the exact perfect size for " no grinding needed " fit of stringers. And no distortion occured today, still a good idea to check. To the eye, all the stringers look as though the plate will lay smoothly over it, the straightbar lines up with all the stringers on the straight sections.  
Next weekend will probably be our last this year. Hope to get on the center radius stringer and possibly the aft stem-bar. That is if it doesn't S... !

Day 20:
6 hours: Pulled in fore and aft stringers and cut slots evenly in 9 & 10. Snaped extra at stem.