Day 198 Sonar mounts / bow
Something we have delayed because of disagreement on design is the sonar / speed / temp sensor mounts.
preparing for next piece!
Approximate position of mount
  Normally, these sensors are mounted as thru-hull forward or off the transom as non-integral units.
Our big sonar is a forward / bottom scanner so off the transom isn't an option. We are a bit nervous about having something as delicate as that (essentially a large plastic bolt with a very big head sticking out
nearly 3 inches below the bottom of the hull) meeting up with a 1000 lb deadhead being the only thing preventing a 2" diameter hole from gushing ocean into our boat.

Maybe we're a bit paranoid, maybe not? In any case, the solution is to do the same thing as what was done with the standpipes. The issue here is there will be three holes instead of one. They also must be level more or less.

A standoff unit going into a box that is above the waterline by a few inches was the answer.

  bow birthday
  This will be strong and also a non-threat if it were breached. It's pretty hard to create a diagram of it but the photos upcoming will give it more clarity.

Speaking of clarity. Sorry about the noticeable lack of quality in the photos, I just had to use my new keychain cammy, it's so cute!

We took it easy today compared to most due to our insatiable "thirst" last night.
Somehow we found ourselves inside watching a soccer game. Go figure?

Sonars and speed temperature sensors

Day 198:
5 hours: Began sensor mount and worked on bow welding, celebrated b-day!

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