Day 196 Bow Bulwarks
The bow underway
The bow bulwarks must flow back into the pipe we have attached to the decks heading aft. At first I wanted to have a rise in the bulwark to hide any slight imperfections, but after playing around with the grinder and welding to pull it around a bit, they came in just great!

The frames were welded in to keep everything fair.

The top of the bulwarks, still twisting slightly outwards, are made of 1/4" for good shapability and continuence.



The other job done today was down below.

Gena welded on more "T's" under the deck (left) and lengthwise all along.(left lower)

A lot of framing is required so using the smallest width angle and flatbar with the thinnest gauge will cut down on weight above the waterline.

These frames will hold the interior stuctures under the deck to the frames be it ceilings or cupboards or trim.

On the cabinsides I have taken the responsability of installing wood firring strips, which I am saving for a rainy day(s)

This stage is getting pretty exciting as after the foaming of these areas, the interior will be next. (yay!)



Day 196: 7.0 hours - faired in bow area. Welded in frames. T'd under deck frames

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