Day 195
Finishing tanks &
Getting the proper positions of pipes and connections for tanks and pumps etc is really important. Left to me alone this would have been a disaster and would have to have been redone. Gena still let me cut out the holes though :)  
Gena, luckily, has some organizational skills when it comes to these matters! The lid for the SS waist tank had to be carefully laid out and every contingency taken into consideration. ( above )  

There must be an access hatch on it for cleaning, ( and removing the pry-bar that Gena dropped down there! ) as well as 2 pipes going down to the bottom - one for dockside pumpout, the other for the electric/manual pumpouts.

The inlet, vent, and level sensor are the other three. That makes 6 holes on that tank. We want to have the whale gusher pump on there also as it will be easy to access under the galley entryway steps above this tank.

To the left Gena is welding in the plate and possible ballast access hatch in a forward section of the keel.

It must also
The keel steped mast plate will go above this across two webs. There will still be enough space to access the ballast area and to put heavy stuff in like the extra chain, or tools etc.

The framing for panelling was welded on to the chainlocker in this photo.

I prepared the bow area for the finishing of the bulwarks there, and did other chores around the yard, which unfortunately must be done!


Day 195:
6 hours - Black water tank top, hatch plate under mast step

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