Day 193 Interior welding
(Gena in photo)
While tacking on the framework that will hold on panelling, fixtures, cupboards, bunk etc. we realised that many inside plate joins in the cabin top and sides weren't welded from the inside!!
Luckily, the weather was miserable, spitting then raining, so we got brave and carefully welded everything up.

Once we had the plate together, we were afraid to weld from the inside right away because of possible warpage and the job never got done. The cabintop wasn't a real problem but we did have to add in a couple of intercostals.

To the left the vertical joins both sides were braced to stop our beautiful smooth cabinside from becoming ugly.

It almost seemed like the cooling effect of the rain was reducing warping problems, although that can't be varified. Some of the outside welds had been ground off by me, which made *me* pretty nervous.

We quit early because UEFA soccer championships are on, just as important as boatbuilding is! Go Portugal!!

DAY 193 - 5 hours
Welded up plate in cabin interior.

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