Day 192 Starboard bulwark
Above shows me hanging from a rope. No it's not our version of a skytram or military training, it's the monster twister!!
Da monsta!!
To the left can be seen the device custom made for this application of getting the 3x1.5" tubing to do what we want it to.

Strength wasn't a problem, nor was leverage this time. Unforseen was the missing lower pieces of flatbar. I thought I put them on but I guess I forgot. Yep it's my fault!

Each time we moved along to the next post and twisted then welded, a small, almost invisible dent was occuring on the outside edge. Had the cross pieces been there it wouldn't have happened.

Oh well!! More fixin' I guess!
This little photo shows the post that holds it all up. See? It looks fine!

Lucky that chainplate was there!

...impressive setup hehe

Safety at last!

Like the opposite side, we needed to pull the whole thing down as the tube twisted outwards. It's normal after the first time, but on the port side it was " what the heck??"

Luckily I had the foresight (this time !) to make a boot strap to connect on to the chainplates.Very helpful. This sorta reminds me of doing the radius plating again.

Anyway, the whole thing went in pretty nice except aft where it still needs to be pulled in a little.

The stancions will be attached to every second post (day 191) as well as the genoa track and maybe a cleat or two on top. Where the deckcoat ends and the hull coat begins is still an issue as the track won't be running the full length of the rail.

Now we don't have to be afraid of falling off again! yay!



Day 192: 6.5 hours - made the twister, put on starboard bulwark

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