Day 191
Doorframe + Chain locker

Today was spent mostly inside the boat because of rain and wind.  
Gena welded up the stainless chain locker, which is in the sail locker as a big tub basically. some of the framing up to it for the walls needs to be done. The bow area will have fiberglass panel because of the moisture that reputedly lingers in this area of the boat. It's a bit more floppy than wood so extra care must be given to the framing. The weight of sails and sheets etc also dictates the need for strong walls.

In the bottom of the locker is a drain that runs back to the bilge. The chain comes down from directly overhead from the windlass on deck, and will most always be wet as it comes in. That water needs to be drained.

It must also be not too noisy so, even though it's made from stainless, we will likely coat it with coal tar epoxy.
The doorway from the pilot house was my job ( again ) as I finished the edges and welded it up. The edge here must be smooth and perfect because a gasket will press into it that is on the door.

Looks pretty good hey? ( left )

That wasn't all we did, but the rest was trivial tasks of grinding etc.

Below is a graphics mock-up of the stancions and their position on the deck. Wow! It looks like a boat or something!

Day 191:
5 hours - Welded up chain locker / pilothouse - galley entry

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