Starboard bulwark rail
Gena welded on the little square pieces this time as I was up to no good elsewhere, always wondering where missing parts had disappeared, " over the side! " I said hehe! Hence the primary reason bulwarks were invented in the first place.

The weather went nasty so we had to abort mission on everything outside.

Gena did some stiffening of the bulkheads with 1.5" 1/8" angle and I worked on cutting out the pilot house forward entry into down below. There will be a sliding door there we have decided. It will have concentric latches ( something like old house window locks) to tighten down into a gasket if sealing is required. Quick and easy to close.

Origionally, I proposed drop in boards as the area will be open 99% of the time but as Gena pointed out, drop boards always seem to go missing when most needed!
It's true. We have read about people having a window pop out in a storm and get inondated because of the time it takes to retrieve a lost board, or worse having used them to make breadboards or for cleaning fish...

We don't always agree on everything in the end, but usually the result is agreeable.
Our objective is to primarily complete everything, cuts, welds etc, on the forward half of the boat, then get it all foamed.

This includes any holes in the hull like sonar and speed indicators, on deck the vents, hatches, holes w/nuts for handrails and cleats, the anchor roller assembly, and mast hole. A tall order but we plan to be there by the end of June to mid July.

We have to be! We wanna go cruisin' !

Gena's framing work below stiffens bulkhead

Day 190:

6 hours - Put together bulwark for SB side, stiffened bulheads, welded on frames, worked on FW pilothouse doorway

DAY 189

Motorhome CB Installations
That Work!

Days 191+