Day 19 Putting in stringers to keel
The top stringers were somewhat difficult to put in, we could have used a third person. 1" flat bar is solid enough in short lengths but turns into spaghetti over 40 feet! Grinding out the slots was a bit dangerous as most of the time the grinder was being held upwards and would hook in then buck hard in repercussion.  
We just plumbed and tacked frames 3 to 8 as the others will have to be faired out. After deciding to run the stringers along the keel in an equally spaced curve, we made a mistake cutting 1 slot in frame 2, as it didn't fair up. So we didn't cut the rest . You can see the 3 stringers on each side tied together and covered with a glove in the photo. After 4 pm the weather went really cold and windy so we finished up for the day.

Day 19:
6 hours -Ground slots (80) Put in the 6 stringers away from keel