Day 189
More Bul-work!
Eventually the results of hard work come to fruition. After some welding and grinding, then a coat of primer, the rail looks marvelous!  
A few clamps were sacrificed, and in a couple of cases the tacks tore holes right off the side of the tubing, but it was well worth the end result.

For the starboard side I am making an arm. Like a giant custom fit C clamp with padding and an 8 foot pole coming off of it. That will get us plenty of leverage, and won't punch holes.

The whole day was fixing and welding/filling the rail.

Gena did manage to get some work in framing down below while I smoothed the welds with a grinder.

Rail to step joint, smoothed to a fine finish
The front part of the tubings angle is pretty consistant with the flow of the hull, and really needs to be as the bulwark in the bow will have the same hieght as it is boxed in.

Not really sure how the paint will go, whether to use the deck color on the rail....or the hull color....and how will the bow meet the rail? A future consideration.

It was pretty tricky getting the aft to steps join lined up. We couldn't start there and the curve made it pull forward so it had to be repositioned. This proceedure must be duplicated on the starboard side.

Day 189:
5.5 hours - Finished portside bulwark, did some more framing work below

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