Day 188
Welding on rail bulwark
Some ideas work, others don't. Our idea of making the bulwark seems to have worked, our initial method of getting it attached to the boat did not!  
Just clamping it into place to aquire the curve and twist was impossible. The clamps just couldn't take the strain.

The 2x2's welded to the sides were a good idea, but in the end served for little more than alignment to the hull.

The twisted is totally required because we want the bow area to remain solid. The tubing must flow into this or else our beautiful boat would become a barge in the eyes of onlookers.

The rail held in place
Is the twist towards the bow became more and more, we needed a new method of getting enough leverage to accomplish this.

That 3x1.5" tubing is way more rigid than we possibly imagined, although it sure looks great once its on ( top photo )

A piece of angle was clamped and tacked on in various places as we went along. I then strung a large rope out to the farthest tree and hung from it while Gena welded the posts to the deck, now that's torque!

The rain became persistant, and power tools became dangerous - so did we hehe!

Coming to an endpoint...need more twist!!  



Day 188:
5.5 hours - Mounted portside bulwark

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