Day 186 Cut Bulwark, Cleanup
We had to trim down the plate along the bulwark for two reasons. First to see if our predicted hieght was going to look ok, and second to see if we could use it to pull the (much more rigid than we possibly could have imagined!) rectangular shaped tube into the curved shape.

Cutting bulwark to check it out!

Both sides gone!

Setting up tube for new bulwark
After some playing around with it, we quickly realised that this wouldn't work, but the hieght seems to be good.
The distortions were too nasty and so many sections would have to be cut out it wouldn't be worth it.
So I cut the whole thong off.

3"x1.5" 1/8" tubing will replace the plate, stood off 2" by short 1.5"x1.5" square tubing. I measured all the angles required for each square tube as this must follow the hull shape.

It's really strange but both of us were nervous to walk along the deck with no edge! A completely psychological thing that, no matter how hard one trys to overcome, is impoosible to ignore. 12' is a quick way down to a broken arm or leg hehe.

Meanwhile, Gena was nice and warm down below cleaning up the horrible mess we have created in the past weeks in preparation for yet more coaltarring. She wants to go well above the water line, and why not? It is really great stuff and not prohibitively expensive.

She sure can clean up and organise better than I. It is necessary to get all the junk and clutter out for safety and state of mind reasons. Cluttered surroundings lead to a cluttered mind.

Problem is, afterwards, I can never find anything, lol.

The day slipped away but now I have a mission. The bulwarks will be a challenge but still a good idea in this girls opinion.

Day 186:
5 hours: Figured out what to do with bulwarks, cleaned up boat

Revive that old radio!