Day 185 Chain locker and frames
Because the temps outside became very cold and miserable, we aborted mission on the outside work and decided to do some things that have been left and really need to be done!  
One of these is the chain locker. This is where the chain between us and the anchor will pile into the boat when not in use, via the windlass.

Some sailers use a chain rode attached to rope and others use straight chain. We want to be equipped for either. This locker must easily hold 350' of 5/16" chain.

Because we found the price of chain to be pretty high, we took our windlass gypsy in to a chain supplier ( who deals with logging and oil rigs etc. ) and found a chain that would fit in that is twice the grade (strength ) of ordinary chain. Then we took it down to a galvanizing shop and had 500'
and the big 110 lb Bruce anchor galvanized for about $180.

The whole chain cost us < $500, about a dollar a foot! They did a really good job on the galvanizing, good and thick. I don't recommend this (yet) as I have no idea how it will turn out in the long run, but stronger chain that is cheaper makes sense to us.

Cardboard was used to aquire a pattern for the sides of the locker, which worked fairly well, and only a small amount of trimming was required to fit the stainless sides in. I found that some patience is due when fitting the cardboard though:
If the cardboard must have frayed edges to be forced in, the stainless that was patterned from it will definately not fit!

The cut plate is ready for welding in after some coal tar on the hull and some foam insulation is applied.

Gena, meanwhile, was busy welding on bulkhead stiffener frames for the pilot house forward bulkhead. ( photo right ) These are 1-1/2" 1/8" angle that will also support the galley wall and cupboards.... That will be a future topic.

Her work was brought abruptly to an end when the supply of angle suddenly ran out! Time to haul off to the metal supplier again.

The next day we took a day off. Looking at the photo below you can see why. Aaaah! Middle of May in Canada.....

Day 185:
6 hours - Fit SS plate for chain locker, stiffened pilothouse bulkhead

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