Day 183 framing bulkhead Wooden Bulkhead

And now for something completely different.......
welding   Wood is a fresh change from the old steel humdrum, and pretty different to work with in a boat compaired to a house or shed.

The one thing with wood is you can't really bend it much to fit it in! We are using 1/2" ply and it doesn't have much give.

Exterior grade is a must in a boat ( at least ) and could have even been the treated stuff like the ply we purchased for the floor. ( Good thing too because it has been sitting outside for months now. )

In the photo to the left, Gena is cuttin the headboard that goes over the cabintop. It must have a cambered shape of course, and proved to be difficult to cut with the jigsaw.

I think the blades are just not very good for this tyoe of cutting. It's a thought anyway.
Fur is pretty tough stuff to cut along the grain, even the table saw couldn't deal with it.
  Another thing with wood is if you make a mistake, you can't weld it back together very well so mistakes should be kept to a minimum haha!

After these panels are completed, the 2x6's will go on next followed by another layer of ply. This ply must be staggered for strength opposite the other side. Not a hard job here because the door is so offset to starboard.

The seams will be calked to the steel once the whole bulkhead is ready to go!

Day 183:
7 hours:
Completed one side of the wooden ( and final ) bulkhead..

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