Day 182
More framing
floor etc
Evening the floor/side/top framing up for the impending installation of the wood bulkhead was a priority today.
This didn't take long as most of the work was already done.
Terminating the floor and side wall below the pilot house floor became an issue though. We had to decide right away what the thickness of the pilot house forward bulkhead would be in order to complete this area.

The floor and base supports were also put in. ( At the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor plywood)

Because of the thickness of the foam and the fact that this will all be hidden behind cupboards, no horizontal frames will be welded in except at the top. Under the deck ( not shown ) there will be tabs to support whatever board we place up under there. The extra weight isn't necessary in our opinion.

It must also present
We just recently purchased a weatherfax machine off of ebay. It wasn't working so we got a really great deal on it! It took about 15 minutes to fix and as can be seen works beautifully in the car haha!

I am still building a weatherfax machine as mentioned earlier but time is at a premium so not much progrees there. It's nice to know we have an escape from that. If I do complete it, we could keep this one as a backup or the very compact one I built!


Day 182:
5.5 hours - Framed in floor and floor / wall joints etc

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