Day 180 Cabin framing
The cabin front interior framing
The interior framing for the cabin top will be made of wood ( unless we change our minds before then ) but the very forward edge of the cabin, the part in the sail locker, is very small and tight. We still desire foam insulation in there to stop condensation, but the wood would use up most of the space the foam needs to do a good job.

It was an all day job just putting in all those little pieces. Every frame needs to be 1.5" off the plate to give some effectiveness. At this point a lot of planes are converging.

Probably a lot of people think that this is heavy and bulky but not really. The whole weight of the materials I used didn't come to much more than 4 lbs! Oak probably would have exceeded that for the same job. It just looks heavy is all.

Sorry but without a fisheye lens I can't get it all into the picture!


The hatch will go directly above and take up 80% of the cieling in here so I couldn't frame that yet. Soon!

The above did take all day but Gena dragged me away to help put on a cieling frame we had torn off yesterday, then to punch more bolt holes in the web below the floor for the wooden bulkhead. ( Left )

She did some reinforcement welding and basically spent the day cleaning up the awful mess that has transpired over the last while.

The whole place looks way better now, and not so cluttered up.

Grinding dust that had somehow gotten wet turned into solid concrete rust or whatever 2" thick in some places. She had quite a time getting that off. Made me think of ferrocement ( haha! )

I doesn't really feel like we got a lot done over this week we took off, but little by little it *is* getting done!



Day 180: 6.5 hours - framed in forward cabintop area, cleaned up mess!

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