Day 18 Putting up 1/2 frames and more slots!
Putting in 5 frames that just have to sit on top of angle irons between existing frames seemed like a simple enough task before we started. It was when we noticed a considerable sag in the supporting angle pieces that we new it would take longer. Shown above: Hoisting a half frame into position
The welds from the frame to the supports, while cooling, had pulled upwards on each side thus lowering the overall height of the frame. See?!! Even us seasoned welders, well one season anyway, get fooled from time to time! Luckily, Gena had built a great little bending tool last week, which promptly straightened them back out again. (Shown below) With a bit of patience and practice we had it doing
sorry! picture missing!
Gena's Frame Bender
the job well. I'm sure we'll use this tool again!
After a couple of hours we had them all straightened out and ready for marking for the slots. Myself cutting the slots while Gena set up the next slot templates proved to be difficult as these were much higher up and we had only one ladder. So Gena became "monkey-girl" swinging from one "limb" to the next, clamps and templates in hand, dodging flying bits of molten steel from the cutter, me! Amazingly we completed 80 or so slots before the day ended.
I think we scared away another prospective buyer of the property adjacent to ours, as they drove by wide eyed never to return!

Day 18:
9 hours: Put up half frames 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, & 7.5. Measured and cut 80 slots for stringers.

See it in action!