Day 176 Flattening deck, drainage
We went gung-ho to finish the chainplates today,because of yesterday and also because the weather is going to turn bad, ie. snow and cold. Oh well it couldn't last for ever I guess!
welding   As soon as we thought we were able to get away with making noise outside, we were on it.

Gena went around patching the six holes and I made new ones. Each chain plate had to be snaped off with accuracy ( left ) so it would come into the hull very evenly. This way a deformation in the hull could be kept to a minimum.

I started with a 1.5" stick from inside and used a 2" flatbar to batten the angle it would hit the hull at.

Then, measured the distance to the deck from where it touched the hull. This measurement was then added to the free end of the chainplate, 2" below the hole, and the angle templated on to the stem at that distance.
This works very well but care must be taken with the angle beginning and end as at that sharp an angle, the top and bottom points don't need to be far off to create an entirely different cut. With 1/2" stainless it takes quite a lot of grinding to correct any errors!

Gena welded all of them in and we still had enough time to go out for supper!

Day 176:
6.5 hours:
Fixed mess, put in 6 chainplates.


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