Day 174 Flattening deck, drainage
welding   As a slow spring start, we did the straightening of the decks today. Without the support in the center, they tend to flop up or down. It's the result of minor deformation when we welded the cabin sides on to the side decks.

In the photo above, the intercoastals are installed and wow what a difference they made!

It feels great to walk on now, just like the poop deck after we finished it.

Because of the fantastic weather, and no wind, Gena was able to weld the deck side of the chainplates and the hole I accidentally cut out in December. The wire used for welding them to the steel is 309 not 316.
This is good for dissimilar metals. The gas remains CO2 Argon as with mild steel.

Between times I was helping Gena with the deck, I cut out the remainder of the holes for the drainage from the chain locker and smoothed them all for the next coal tar frenzy.

A through-bulkhead fitting is show in the photo to the right. These, mind you, will only be put in the waterproof bulkheads. All the others will just be a tight fit held in place with silicone.

The chain locker itself has been an ever changing subject. From fiberglass to stainless to mild steel with epoxy to SM. Presently we are hinged on making it stainless, but I am uncertain about the noise the chain may make rattling around in there.

Day 174:
5.5 hours:
Cut drain holes, secured deck, welded chianplates outside.


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