Day 173 Fuel fill lines
The origional fuel fill sceme was to run the lines through the bulkhead via nipples so the valves would be accessable under the steps. We went as far as putting in the nipples but then we realised that the whole area would be very congested, and after all wouldn't simplify anything. Also, because the fills are now on the pilothouse side, that would mean an extra nipple and it just didn't make sense to do it this way anymore.  
That was when Gena came up with the idea to use 2x2 for the fill and integrate it into the floor structure.

We just have to remember not to put in any screws through it!

She shortened all of the frames to accomodate the new 2x2 piece, then welded it into place. As shown in the photos, this all works out great.

The valves are still accessable once the engine room access is open. The one heading down is for the tank in the keel. The space saved by this will provide some room forward of the engine for the coolant takeup tank and the engine fan.

The remainder of the winter left the boat as is. It was a very cold one this year, and we look forward to restarting the project this week! (April 2004) We are a bit rusty, but happily the boat is dry, just as we left it before Christmas!

Day 173:
5 hours - Made up main fuel fill line and installed it. Buttoned her up for winter.




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