Day 172 Putting in chain plates
The day was really cold, but we managed to get the chainplates welded in, also the hull supports.  
We wanted to make sure that these were strong so there is a lot of area welded on at the transom and the hull to provide stiffening.

It's all stainless so only the hull welds need to be painted.

The bulky size will be hidden behind cupboards and could serve as a holder or whatever. The aft stateroom is pretty large and will provide for a roomy berth and plenty of cupboard space.

Unfortunately the weather didn't allow us to weld on the chainplates topside so we decided to do some clean up and organizing instead.

The chainplates on the shrouds are the last set and hopefully won't be too hard to get in. The angle is much more vertical and so is the hull. Gussets won't be needed there.

Gena finds a way to combat flash!  

Day 172:
5 hours - Installed both aft chainplates



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