Day 17 Putting in more stringers
(Cutting slots)
After cutting 40 slots last weekend, we must be getting better at it. I did the cutting, while Gena set up the templates for the next cuts. Today we cut 60. That means 3 more stringers on both sides. While the shape of the boat continues to evolve, all those stringers are now getting in the way as one can only enter from the front or back. We decided to run some 2x6's down the middle next to the center line so moving the welder and the plasma cutter back and forth would be easier. ( Believe me, it's no fun trying to pull a 250 pound welder through roots and soft ground on those little castors! )
I have been able to cut the slots fast enough to minimize heat in the bar. From these cuts there was virtually no distortion in the frames. In the photo, the slots shown haven't had any grinding, but needed to be as most were still a bit narrow for the 1/4" stringers.  
Pulling the stringers around the frame wasn't as hard as we thought it would be, but cutting the angle to meet the stem at the bow was tricky. We developed a method to accomplish this. The stringer needed to run up to the stem inset by 1/4". As the stringer was too long to begin with, it of course couldn't sit in the position it would be welded at. Also, after being cut, the position would change as it was pulled in tight to the stem. By making a mark on the stringer perpendicular to the position it should end up at, then marking a line from that, parallel to the stem but inward by a few more degrees, a tight fit in the right position up the stem is almost guaranteed. This saved a lot of grief as slight movement up or down the stem
could make a huge difference in it's final position forward and back. I must admit we made a mistake that was rather silly. We didn't recognize the position of the radius to straight section and cut a slot in the wrong place. Almost 2 inches out. Of course we didn't notice it until we had tacked on the whole stringer. That prompted a lunch break and was fixed shortly after!  
The small picture shows how all the stringers bunch together near the stern. Some of these should probably be cut out here as they are too close together and would be almost touching once they reach the transom.

Day 17:
9.5 hours: Put in 2x6's for "boardwalk" Cut 60 slots for 6 stringers. Mounted 6 stringers to frames and tack welded on.

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