Day 168 Drainpipes and SL entry
The drain pipe fittings have been welded in, pic above,and the pipe itself welded in. It doesn't look it but very heavy to maneuver into place!

Outside view of the cockpit drains welded
The nipples on the pipe are for a valve into the pilothouse, in the case of catastophic flooding in that area, a risen pipe that goes down to the bilge pump, and the secondary cockpit drain pipe.

For a manual bilge pump, which will be permanently mounted under the entry steps, the fitting for the pilot house can be used in a pinch.

We have very carefully thought all of this out, even though it is somewhat unusual! All of the little drains, seats and coaming, will tap into T's along the secondary cockpit drain line.

In the pic to the left, the size difference can be seen. The 3" should give enough drainage in the event of a wave inondating the cockpit ( we hope! ) The 1.5" will be good if the boat is healed over that way. We couldn't get them in much closer to the sides unfortunately, due to the framing below.

Gena welded the pipe to the bottom, but underneath will have to be welded once we have the welder back outside.

View from inside sail locker
The welder is a real problem due to it's weight. Just hauling it out of the door is quite a job!

Meanwhile, the forward sail locker entry was tacked in then welded without too much distortion. ( pic to the left )

Notice the height is about a foot above the soul. This is to allow for "stuff" ie sails, to sit in the entry without tumbling aft. The door will open aft thus freeing up the whole locker to be packed with sails hehe.

The sail locker bulk head will be supported from the inside only as the portlights come right up to it on the other side.
(my mistake! )

Day 168:
6.0 hours - Cut out and welded in nipples, mounted pipe, welded in secondary pipe, welded in SL entry

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