Day 163
Side Fuel tanks, forward bulkhead
As can be seen in the photo above, Gena is building the fuel tanks ( at last! ) and doing a great job at it!
They must be welded properly, so it's taking a fair amount of time to complete. Afterwards, we plan on coal tarring the corners just to be sure there are no leaks. We have decided to stick with two baffles which should be sufficient to stop a lot of fuel sloshing back and forth.
Good thing she can fit inside haha!

The plate, even though it is only 1/8" didn't distort much. Probably a result of short welds and both side welds.

Once the tanks are completed, we plan to attach brackets and bolt them in place. Gena has felt it is necessary to add a couple of support bars underneath, with rubber pads separating them, to suport the weight of a full tank. Who knows if this was needed, but again the old addage comes to mind, better safe than sorry!

I see the round tanks on trucks just supported with brackets, but then they're round. There's a lot more strength in round than square as we all know.

Gena "really into" her work!  
The forward-most bulkhead was my job for the day(s).

As it is only 1/16" plate, I managed it up the ladder and into the boat quite well.Getting it into place was a bit of a trick, I almost had to get help from Gena!

The bulkhead will have to be supported with some vertical 1/8" angle because it's pretty floppy stuff!

It does guarentee a decent seal though, which is why we chose steel here. This isn't the crash bulkhead per-sae, but it would serve as one in a catastrophic bow event!

It is really hard to photograph the forward cabin because of the windows, and using a flash all you can see is dust. I promise better pics of this in the upcoming days.

Day 163:
7 hours - Put in forward bulkhead (tacked) and built fuel tanks, one complete the other tacked

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