Day 16 Putting in sheer and deck stringers
(Cutting slots)
Today proceeded like clockwork. Unfortunately the clock seemed to be going faster and faster! Plasma cutting out the slots with our aluminum templates went smoothly. We cut enough for both the deck and the sheer stringers, which doesn't sound like much but that makes 40 slots! We wanted to make the stringers 1/8" proud all around so the templates were moved out by 1/8". This actually created more work as all of them had to be ground deeper, so next time we'll just go with the original depth of 1-1/4". Also, at the same time the frames had to be levelled
to vertical at the point of
the frames. They should
way up. As shown in the
sheer stringers both
had a bit of difficulty
come into the stem at
we shifted them down
up. We then tacked
It's amazing how they

Stringers coming in to stem
where the stringers meet
also be vertical all the
photo here, the deck and
come in to the stem. We
getting the stringers to
the prescribed place, so
another 1/4" to fair them
them on working astern.
all just fell in place!
After they were in place we checked for fairness of the stringers and found only one flat area between the frame most forward, and the 2nd most forward. Not bad! I must admit though, this took much longer that I had anticipated. Once again the plasma cutter was invaluable, causing minimal warping easily corrected with a hammer. And thankyou oh great meteorological gods for giving us fair weather once again! Now please, one more long weekend... ;o)

Day 16:
8 hours: Rechecked frames. Welded 20' pieces of flatbar together to make stringers for sheer and decklines. Clamped all 4 into place, and tacked on.

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