Put in the forward pilot house bulkhead

step 2

The port side of the bulkhead has already been cut as measured in one batten, but the starboard top side wasn't , so a bit of heat glue and more sticks remedied that.
This simple shape ( to the right ) would be very difficult to make without those sticks! The accuracy is important as this is a water proof bulkhead...although....if the water was already this high, we likely wouldn't still be around to see whether it held or not!!


Lower right photo shows the bulkhead in place. Trimmed along the curve of the "dash" under forward window. As can be seen, a doorway cutout there is about to become a priority haha!


The whole thing didn't take too long so we jammed out for some R & R


Day 159:
5 hours - put in top half of forward pilot house bulkhead

DAY 158

Amateur radio

Days 160+