Put in the forward pilot house bulkhead

step 1

As before, we are using the stick method to aquire the shape of the hull for the pilothouse bulkhead.
This bulkhead is somewhat different from the origional plans. Instead of dropping straight down from the pilot house "dash" to the bottom of the hull, we decided to have it jutt forward to meet a web frame.

Besides making the job somewhat easier, it also allows for space forward under which the fuel fill line can be split into three, access to those valves, and access to water fill, watermaker, pump out and black water tank access. In other words it has solved a lot of problems!

The plate had to be bent 90 forward then 90 back upward by a metal shop. Origionally the idea was to put in the whole piece port the starboard, but as luck would have it, the 1/8" was the heavier "gauge" plate and it was way too heavy and difficult to handle. The solution was to split it just above the 90 going up.

The plate can't be too strong, but this is incredibly strong!

Both sides were tacked in place with ease and the top portion of the bulkhead will be done tomorrow.

The height of the seating is that of the pilot house floor less about 1 inch, which will rest on top of it.

Day 158:
7.5 hours - put in lower half of forward pilot house bulkhead

DAY 157

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