Aft proptube filling, more coal tar
The proptube exit hole was cut a wee tad over size so, amoungst other tasks, this was to be corrected today.  
A piece of paper rubbed over the hole ( above ) gave the outer edges shape, while some measurement and guesswork gave the curve of the tube as it rose away from the keel. This worked very well as can be seen in photo to the right.

The forward most trim ballast cover and hatch were also made today but not installed because we realised we had no nuts for the bolts! Planning ahead is always a good idea when you live far from any hardware store.

Gena did more coal tarring and buffing off primer.

When it comes to red primer, a face mask is definately required in an enclosed space, unless you like to have a hangover the next day without the preceding fun the night before! Not nice stuff on the lungs either. It's either face masks or cough medicine, I think the masks are cheaper too.

The coal tar, on the other hand, is ok in the open area of the boat but not inside tanks etc.

Day 157:
7 hours - Welded in fillers for aft prop tube, made forward keel plate (yet another!) coal tarred remaining sections of below waterline

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