Final 2 portlights


With Primer on the steps they look much nicer. With the deck coating they'll probably look manufactured. Once again rounded corners save the day!
Gena finshed the whole aft seam welding inside which finishes all the seams on the whole hull.

This included the inside seam welding of the cockpit area, and under the deck.

I finished off the final portlight and put it in, being careful to keep it level with the other 2. The backpressure on a windy day keeps popping out one or another of the aft portlight plastic we taped over, so these will have a piece of 1/8" arcrylic bolted in for the winter. We don't need snow blowing in!

Most of the visitors to the lake out here were making the most of the labour day weekend, getting in that last "fling" before the onset of colder weather.

We, on the other hand, continued to work on the boat leaving no time for recreation and such. One of the sacrifices one must make when undergoing such a huge project as this. But in the end we will have many of those fun days of recreation, and many relaxing evenings in far off coves.

A fair trade off we think.

Day 153:
7 hours - Finished welding inside seams. Finished last 2 portlight installations.

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