Day 152 Welding in more portlights

finishing steps

It seems like a long time ago that we made the steps along side the pilothouse, and Gena decided to finish them, (ie grinding the welds smooth and filling any imperfections / priming )
They're lookin' good now!

She also did some more seam work below. We had a stroke of bad luck with the welder. Gena noticed it wasn't welding properly and seemed to jam and release on the wire speed. When she opened the welder to check the wire, it was rusted! Being still wet we suspected a leak as it had rained the night before.

After looking around it became apparent the tape along the starboard side of the front window had partially peeled off.

Lesson learned: Don't us CHEAP duct tape!! It doesn't stick well to anything, even itself.

The portlights again was my job. 2 more done and the primer went on right away!
Since I started the aft ones, I've been waiting for this moment ( photo below ) yay!! They are at a good height for viewing out of also.

As an amateur radio friend of mine always says... skookum!!

Day 152 :
9 hours - Long day! Put in and finished 2 more portlights, finished port steps, welded more inside seams ( carefully )

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