2 windows aft First 2 aft portlights
welding   I built and installed 2 portlites in the port aft. Smoothing them off was easier than the cabin sides as the height while standing on the ladder was better, and adjustable!

Gena spent most of her day welding seams inside in preparation for some coal tar as a final coat to the steel. The primer of course must be removed in these areas as it doesn't stick as well to steel. ( we experimented )

There was a slight twist to the hull so the frames didn't sit flush on both sides. This will be remedied with the interior finishing.


Nuts were welded inside under the frames as before. We plan to find some rounded (flat head ) stainless steel screws, like the ones we see on Western Star trucks, and use them to bolt the glass in.

Day 151:
8 hours:
Welded up more seams, put in and finished 2 portlights aft.

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