Day 15 Completing stem and fairing frame
( At last a pic of me!!)
Today was the day to fix mistakes and check out the fairness of the frames both horizontally and vertically. We fixed the problem with frame 5 by releasing the supports and dropping it down to the proper height with respect to the others. Unfortunately, we noticed that after doing this, all the frames were out forward and back. This was because the main diagonal supports were from frme 5 to frame 4. Dropping frame 5 released the pressure on it's headstock, which rose up and

Stem continues to frame 3
pushed on the diagonals, which in turn shifted the frames all out of plumb. After we corrected that problem by repositioning the diagonals to straighten the fore-frames, frame 5's head stock bent out of position and stressed all the aft frames back further than they should have been! So we released the stress on the diagonals once more, and tied all the headstock (base)
pieces together with some 1" angle iron. Finally everything was correct again.
Next, we continued the stem bar up to and through frame three. ( Above photo ) The bar had to have such a small curve to it we were sure it wouldn't be fair. As it turns out, we got it right the first try! You can see how fair the upper part of the
stem is from this photo, as it passes over the 2nd frame onto the third etc.
To finish off we put in some supports out to the radii on frames 7 & 8, then put up the last frame, number 10. The weather was relatively cooperative as it rained only for a few minutes, but the temperature was only up to 10 degrees C.
We are confident that all of the stations are true enough to start putting on the stringers, the horizontal framing that runs the full length of the boat.

Day 15:
8 hours: Took some measurements off of blueprints. Aligned frames etc. Checked fairness. Put in 1x1 angle near centerline. Completed stem bar to station 3.

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