Day 149 Priming port and finishing starboard window
There's me putting some light colored primer on the port side pilot house.Grey is nicer than red hey?
It looks great! After the flatbar was welded in, the welds had to be smoothed some,
but not to perfection as this will be hidden under the window trim.

Beauty! A proud moment!

We both did a lot of welding here as upside down welding can be somewhat exhausting
when there is nothing to hold a person up.
The top edge of the pilot house was also finished inside and smoothed down outside.
It is going to look really fine once the deck coating is applied.
The interior "shelf" left by the flatbar presents an opportunity to put in some solid oak along the sill. The vertical supports will be just painted ( not sure but probably white ) and left. The wall below will butt up under the steel 2x2 so it all works out pretty nicely.
With the limited amount of info on steel boat finishing, even on the internet, it's sometimes hard to envision how things will be done so any little thing becomes a happy triumph for us both :o)

Day 149:
7 hours - Finished port side pilot house window framing, framed starboard side window, smoothed of pilot house roof edges.

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