Day 148 Pilothouse side windows continued
Above the photo shows the flat bar in place and ready to smooth down. Almost ready for priming yay!

A space of 3/4" in from the surface has been made to allow for the seating compound as well as the window.

Smooth cut 2nd go round!

Here's a new view we haven't seen before. Better not cut out anymore, it's lookin' mighty weak!

Actually, the roof feels even more solid now than it did before.

Anyway, the starboard side window is underway! Lots of light inside now, a fresh difference from the dark before. We plan on inserting some corrogated plastic to seal it up. It's translucent so the light will still be there, just not as airy.

A lot of experience is an asset in this kind of building, but even having done something once triples the speed it can be done a second time. This has been the case with the starboard side. Frames in, cut out and verticals in all in one day!

Day 148: - 8 hours
Finished port side pilot house window frame, got a good start on starboard .


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