Day 147 Finishing port pilothouse window, windlass mount
Well what a great view! I just had to imagine ocean and erase the trees hehe.
Today Gena finished welding in the deck plate after welding in a small but heavy plate under the frames in the bow for windlass support.
It was nice to have a template with the windlass for accurate alignment of the bolt holes. Short sections of pipe will be tacked in from underneath so tightening the bolts won't suck down the deck plate!

The forward hole is off center because the whole windlass had to be turned to a degree. This is because we will have a dual anchor setup, one on each side of the bow. This way the chain on the portside won't drag hard on the feed in channel, thus saving wear. One of the drawbacks of a vertical axis windlass.

Oh no! More holes!! The mount for the windlass.
In the meantime I was having fun with snazzing up the window! A low of welding and grinding but worth it!

I bridged the aft corner with some 2x2 to the same angle as the steps, and it looks fine. Next the forward point of the window was rounded and a curved piece of flatbar was put in.

Next, some flatbar will be set in for the "glass" to seat against, which will be welded by Gena while I cut out the starboard side.
( It's good to have a plan!)

Day 147:
6 hours - Prettied up the port side pilot house window, cut out windlass mounting holes/put in plate