Put in and finished more portlights
The port-light frame marathon has begun! It's such an inspiration to see such a long awaited part of the project come to reality!

This inspiration makes you work just a little harder, a little longer... Even though family is visiting this week, a lot was accomplished. Of course, they made dinner and did the dishes etc. hehe, thus leaving us even more time than usual in a day.

For the breaks I "taught" a couple of kids how to sailboard. ( I quote as I'm not that good myself! )

see pic below...

Anyway back to the portlights. Much grinding was required as the curve added a fair amount on to the ends.

After a quick spray of primer, mostly so it would look cool, a piece of plastic is taped over so the rain doesn't flood in.

2 more done today plus the one I didn't finish yesterday.

The cabin sides have become nice and fair as a result of the stiffening the portlights have provided. We are very happy with the results. We hope the pilot house side windows will have the same stiffening effect as there is some distortion on the starboard side. The interior is beginning to brighten up as I cut more holes, yay!!

The hull cooling Gena has been working on for the past month is almost there! It's a very slow task where the welds have to be just right with no cracks from overheating etc. It wasn't known it would take this long or we may not have done it at all!

Poor Gena is ready for a change too. One more day she says.

Yay! They're getting the hang of it! Now I can go work on the boat again!

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