Pilothouse Front window top and bottom
The cabin top and the pilot house should be the same camber so using the remaining plate from the bottom cut is a logical choice.
It was trial fit to make sure. Before this piece can be served up, the forward edge of the pilot house roof must be cut to the prescribed curve also.
The 'ol camber frame was used again to get an idea of where this would be. I tinkered around with it for a while, making measurements and had full intentions on cutting it slightly oversize. But realised this would really be of no use.
So I cut it positioned at the exact angle of the lower edge and it was right on!
Once this was done, It was just a matter of tacking it together.
Suddenly I realised the 8' of plate wasn't long enough! How could this be? The window definately appears wider at the bottom than at the top. But because the cabin top widens towards the aft, and the angle of the pilot house sides isn't enough to compensate this over the 3', it is in fact 1" wider at the top! Thank goodness for optical illusions!!

I just welded on a couple of 1" 3/16 extensions to make up for it, then trimmed to fit.

Meanwhile, Gena was doing some more work on the hull cooling system. I had to interupt her welding and do some of my own. Welding isn't my strong suit but I couldn't mess this join up to bad! After some grinding it came together really well. ( photo left ) I primed it with some old white paint I found to get a feel of how it will look. We now must decide how much to trim off the top and bottom for the window opening.

The angle is perfect all through, keeping in mind the point of measurement is 90 along the straight edge and not straight down! This is the way the window will be filling the hole.

Day 141:
9 hours - Welded in plate around window, welded ( carefully ) some more hull cooling system.

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