Day 14 Putting up more frames!
Whenever one takes on a project of this magnitude, particularly if the project is to be done outside, at the will and whim of the weather, we find ourselves to be pressed by time. In our hurry to erect the frames we have encountered a few errors in the sole height, especially in the fore-mentioned frame 5. Other errors are bound to creep in as we continue to race against the inevidable onrush of winter in all it's icy, snow filled glory! In this part of the world, autumn has a bad habit of suddenly becoming winter, long before the calendar says it should be winter.
Welding the stem
to frame number 0
We completed frame 7 and put it up, then frame 8 and frame 9. Much of the day was used up bending the stem bar to the patterns. This is a rather important part of the boat as it becomes the leading edge of the bow, the edge the plate butts up to a fine ( hopefully fair ) sharp edge.
After much time and even some frustration we managed to get it just right. ( That means close as our patience would allow! )

Frames 0, 1 & 2 up and fitting stem (part of stem) in place
To relax from bending the stem, we put up frames 0, 1 and 2. Braced frame 1 and 2 then cut out slots for stem bar. After welding the stem bar in place, we realized that the highest part of the stem piece should have had a slight curve...
There's one of those unforeseen problems I mentioned! We plan on cutting off the extra piece on the stem just after
frame 1 ( you can see it in picture above ), then putting a slight bend into the remaining piece of stem that goes to frame 2 and 3, and pulling it the rest of the way into position.
That pretty much did it for day 14.

Day 14:
10 hours total: Finished frame 7 and put into position. Put up frame 8, 9, 0, 1, & 2. Bent and curved stem.

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