Put together port-lite frames, round pipe on pilot house window
The port-light frames have been an ongoing project over the past few weeks, and finally they are together. Those were done in spare time etc.
For the first external construction we have done in ( what seems like ) ages, we decided to work on the front window framing. We thought of many possible scenarios, like using 3 small separate windows for the front, four, two ( yuk! ) and finally decided on one single piece curved across from one side to the other.

The problem is getting 1/2" hard coated lexan with a tint that is greater than 8' long! This is where the large round pipe came into play. The total width of the opening goes up to about 8'5" max. With the 5" pipe quarter on each side, 4" was taken away. The windows "ledge" that it seats again will add another inch overall and will seat 1.5" on each side.
This solves the problem even with the loss in width from the curve, we still come out slightly less than 8' !

The window will be supported of course by a couple of 2x2's each side of center, with some kind of rubber backing.

The proposed curve, about 4", is shown in the photo. It just so happened that, with slight modification, a piece of extra frame from the pilot-house camber, brought the curve to 4 1/4" ! Cool!

Day 138:
6 hours - Put in 1/4 pipe for front window, welded up frames for port-lights

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